June 14, 2004

To whom it May Concern:

My 2 oldest children (ages 13 & 11) have been taking

piano lessons from Betty Chester

for 2 years now and will be continuing. I have appreciated the way Betty is actually teaching to make students piano players rather than marking time with no progress being seen or heard. My kids have gone for assessment each year and are showing improvement each time. Not only am I trusting in an outsider’s testing but am hearing and seeing results for myself. I have a Bachelor of Music from the Eastman School of Music and am a certified

Hillsborough County music teacher

. My whole family is involved in music and as a family we perform locally in churches. Betty is giving her students a well-rounded musical education besides demanding a high standard of performance. She uses the computer to teach theory and music history and occasional videos to highlight composers’ lives. We have also been kept up to date on performance and attendance opportunities around the Tampa Bay area. Whether in person or over email, we have been kept abreast of concerts by national and local artists. This gives all of us to experience music in varied performance settings and to appreciate the effort that professional musicians go through to perfect their respective crafts. I would recommend and have recommended Betty Tombs to anyone who is looking for a

piano/organ teacher

. In fact some of my teaching colleagues now have their children studying with Betty.

Jon Oosterling

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